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Monday, July 10, 2006

A Little Introduction

Well, here we go people - a spangly new blog on the market. I have no idea where this blog may go in the future but for the minute I hope to give my two cents (or pence I should really say) about music which floats my boat, whether it's brand spanking new or old stuff which I've been turned onto by some excellent blogs who do a better job than I could ever hope to. With that out the way here is a brief taster of the sort of stuff which I hope to wax eloquent (or at least rant a little) about in the forthcoming weeks and months - punk music (specifically Amercian) from 1976-1984 (everyone should ahve a little HC in their lives), reggae (about which I am striving to learn more) and some hip-hop/electro type stuff (start with DJ Shadow and move from there...). I also hope at some point to mount a defence of a number of artists whom I feel have been hard done to by sections of the blogging community eg. Metallica, ABBA and Girls Aloud to name three and waffle about my recently acquisitions and discoveries. However, I want to point out that I will cover a much wider breadth of music than this and also that I am neither an English major (hence the possibility of poor grammar at some point) nor as knowledgable as I would like to be about many styles of music and am always ready to listen to knowlegde, opinions and suggestions where appropriate and hope both myself and others can take something away from this here blog. Well, that's it from me just now.


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