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Friday, July 14, 2006


Hey, had a few quite serious posts there so here's a more light hearted one. I love Abba, there's no getting around that fact - the Euro-cheese factor or 'Ring Ring' and 'Waterloo', the perfect pop of 'Knowing Me, Knowing You', the slightly rocking 'Does Your Mother Know' and the slower, more contemplative later stuff like 'Thank You For the Music' (gets me every time) and 'One of Us', all are equally deserving of my love. But why?? Well, I was brought up on a diet of Abba, Daniel O'Donnell and Cliff Richard so Abba (and silence) became an escape of sorts. On family trips up to the north of Scotland we would listen to Abba Gold and More Abba Gold on repeat (it is like, a four-five hour journey from where I stay) so I got pretty familiar with the music. This came back to me the other day on a trip to visit my Great-aunt and I found Abba Gold in the glove box and thought "what the hey" before putting it in the tape deck. Well, it was wonderful (except for the fact that my younger sister insisted on signing along for the WHOLE journey) and I rediscovered what is curently my favourite Abba song - 'Lay All Your Love': what an absolute belter, makes me want to shake my ass and groove all night!!


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