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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Generic Damage

All of us here understand the majesty of Flipper and Black Falg - the primal rush and the primal sludge. It's very rare that I get the same kind of rush from modern music (maybe I just don't listen to the right music nowadays). However, there are a few modern bands that are currently channeling the energy and spirit of the Flag and Flipper - bands such as the Bronx, Part Chimp, Boris, Winnebago Deal and Pissed Jeans. Today I want to give a little mention to Part Chimp and Whirlwind Heat.

Part Chimp are from England (somewhere) and have released two albums on the Rock Action label (run by Mogwai) - I Am Come and the brilliantly named Chart Pimp (see what they did there). Both are worthy records, with clear influence from the Mogwai school of noise and the dirge style songwriting of Flipper (and that's a good thing) . Their last release was a three track EP called Black Cross which is possibly the rockiest thing they've done, particularly the title track which rocks like Black Flag circa In My Head (but with the rush of the Damaged era).

In contrast, Winnebago Deal (who I constantly confuse with Whirlwind Heat, not due to their sound but their similar-ish names) are total Flag-Heads mixed with a little more rock'n'roll feeling (what I imagine In the Red bands to sound like - I've only really heard the Hunches). Their first two EPs, Plato O Plomo and George Dickel absolutely shred (download Manhunt here) - seriously, for only a drummer and a guitarist they make the most unholy of rackets, White Stripes this is not (I know that's a lame comparison but its early and I can't think of any other two pieces at the minute). Even the artwork is reminiscent of Black Flag with cartoon-style renderings of dark characters (actually like a visual representation of half Big Black's output). All in all a ripping band (not too sure on their debut album Dead and Gone) with a new album just released - Flight of the Raven and a tour in support of the Bronx (goin to have to try and get tickets for that one - I've seen the Bronx live before and they were excellent, especially their cover of The Needle and the Damage Done).


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