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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who are the Fratellis and what do they want?

Arrgh! Just flipped channels to escape one of those annoying adverts advertising ringtones for mobiles and found myself watching a Fratellis video on the NME (New Music Enemy anyone?) chart rundown on MTV2 (I have weak moments just like everyone else) and was disturbed a) by the general inaneness of the song and b) by the high concentration of ugly in the video - I'm sorry but the whole band (especially the drummer) could do with a number of visits to their nearest dentist. Almost put me off my breakfast - only lasted about 30secs before it all got too much and I took my chances with Kerrang! Why do the British music press continue to hype and push bands such as these? I mean, I do like a number of new(ish) bands such as Bloc Party, the Futureheads, Long Blondes, Pipettes, Mystery Jets, Forward Russia and the Kooks(maybe - haven't decided on that last one yet) but does the world really need the likes of the Killers (personal grudge - I just can't stand them), Razorlight and any half-bit garage-lite guff that followed the Strokes? Hmm, maybe its just too early to start on this rant, need to save it for another time.


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