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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bad Day at Work?

Been selecting which CDs to take with me when I move out of my parent's house later on this week and its tough - so far I've managed to condense my collection down to about 150 records, just the essential listening but I keep adding more. Two bands that have been redisovered these past few days have been Boris and F-Minus.

Boris are from Japan and are best known as a sludge/doom style Melvins worshipping bunch of stoners (even their name comes from a Melvins song). On this album, Amplifier Worship that's actually a pretty fair description of their sound if you add in a little crusty-style punk riffing - the monumental Kuruimizu. Also been listening to some tracks off of their more recent efforts Rocks and Pink over the last few days and I've been impressed by the range of sounds they incorporate without losing what Boris is. They've went on a more post-rock trip of late but its all good. Now, we just need someone to get busy and actually bother to license the rest of their back catalogue over here.

Everyone should have an F-Minus album in their record collection. In fact, everyone should have this F-Minus album in their record collection. Actially read a review of this in Kerrang when it was released and bought in Avalanche a few weks later. This album is the soundtrack to a bad day at work (think it might be getting a lot of airtime in the next few weeks) - I can't think of any other album from the time this was released that was/is as angry and aggressive as tis bad boy. Despite being totally derivative (see Negative Approach/Nausea/Discharge) the sheer power and velocity of the songs just slays me every time - seriously, if I've had a bad day I can slip on Property Damage, Vultures or (my personal favourite) White Collar Crime and just lose it for a few minutes (the whole album, all 20 songs, is over in like 21 minutes - there is no fat or filler on this here record) and feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better.


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