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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Beginning

Well people, I've made the move East, leaving the safe surroundings of the town I called home fo nearly 23 years to take my first steps into the jungle that is teaching in a Scottish Comprehensive secondary school. From now on, this blog will be a journal of my experiences in my placement school throughout my probationary year (with names changed to protect the innocent) in education. It will undoubtedly be an experience and will have it ups and downs, hopefully myself and any others in a similar situation will be able to share these experiences if they find this site.

As a start, I've just completed three days induction with the rest of the lambs, sorry probationers, placed in my local authority for this year. Despite the realisation it placed on us all that this was the official beginning it has been worthwhile getting to know people before heading into school (note to non-teachers, teachers as just as likely to fom cliques as pupils) and getting some positive advice before starting. Just got the two in-set days between me and my fate, wish me luck!!


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