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Sunday, September 03, 2006

2 Weeks In

Sorry for the delay in posting,haven't got the internet connected in my flat yet and my access otherwise has been limited. Other than that, I'm really enjoying my teaching career thus far - the pupils are generally very pleasant and work hard (such a cange from my experiences on placement during my PGDE year) - although it is sinking in just how many other tasks than teach we teachers have to do, as well as the infuriatingly bureaucratic nature of education today.

Found out that my placement school is part of a PPP/PFI scheme - which basically means that little maintainance is done in the school and that which is is usuallly botched. On the SMT, it took all of 10mins of the first in-set day for them to show their pomposity and incompetence, which they have strived their hardest to carry on from there. That's enough for just now, otherwise I'll go off on a rant and never come back.


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