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Saturday, October 07, 2006

October Break Draws Nearer

I know I really shouldn't hap on about holidays. Was having a really good spell at school, the pupils seemed much more settled than they had been at the start of the year and I was stressing less about planning lessons when bam!, suddenly they kicked off on Thursday and the next day and a half was off the scale. We blame the full moon approaching. It's never a pleasure to know that the last two classes you'll face in a week will both be bottom set 2nd years who seem to have no motivation or inclination to work - it can be soul crushing after the high of a delightful 1st year group (despite their random questions).

Can teachers ever relax and not think of teaching in some way? I've just spent 10 minutes in the shower on a Saturday morning thinking of ways I can appoach some of my lessons next week, in particular an observed lesson with my mentor who is also my department head (the joys of being an NQT). My brain can't switch off it would seem.

Went on a record binge last weekend, so at least I've had a good soundtrack for the deterioration of my week - been listening to waaaaaaaaaaay too much of Prince Blimey by Red Snapper (highly rcommended) and Tago Mago by Can (also highly recommended) with a little side order of the Outsider by DJ Shadow. Not too sure on this new album - some of the songs are sublime and the production, as discussed in almost every review is near faultless, but I'm just sure about the rapping over some of the tracks, it's almost a mainstream rap/r'n'b album in places which is definately not my bag but maybe it's a grower. As the man himself said back in '96 'it's the money'.


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