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Thursday, October 19, 2006

All is Well

Well, halfway through the October break now and feeling pretty good. Had a day of marking at the start of the week and that's me done for the holiday - 30 1st year projects done and dusted, some good, some less good. Managed to plan a couple of lessons for the first day back next week too so pretty happy with myself but having the feeling that this is probably going to be the quietest holiday I'll have what with the report writing season coming up and then the rush towards exam time. Apart from anything else, the knowledge that when I return I have a prelim exam to create from scratch and my first parent's evening to prepare for is giving me the push I need to relax and unwind for a few days.

Actually been at home for the last few days using my parent's internet and downloading some choice cuts from the web. Found a new favourite song (for this week at least) which surprisingly, to me at least, is It's My Thing by EPMD. Been on a slightly chilled approach to music of late and been exploring lots of reggae, dub and hip hop with a dash of krautrock and jazz - must be my way of relaxing now. Have to say that if I listen to anything remotely 'heavy' I the morning I tend to be a little abrasive at work which isn't good for myself or the classes I have that day, so mellow music is the way forward.


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