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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is the end....

Well, the end of my NQT year at least. I've had a great experience this year at my placement school and feel ready to take on the world of education (well the East of Scotland anyway). Unfortunately I haven't been able to secure a position for next year yet but I'm hanging in there, filling out the forms for supply teaching (which should be an entirely different challenge to this last year) in a couple of local authorities. I think that this is the really stressful time for those NQTs who have not been fortunate enough to be offered a position - the rest of the year was only a mild diversion!

The main question which I have been trying to answer to myself over the last year has been 'Is this the profession for me?' and I feel that over the NQT year it has shown itself to be a vocation which is indeed for me. I have a deep love for my subject but, more than that, I have learned that I have an equally deep enjoyment of seeing people relate to my subject and realise how it is relevant to their everyday life. I can see myself doing this for a long time and hope to continue to reap pleasure from my interactions with todays teenagers (well, somebody has to!!).

I'll try and update more regularly from now on, I guess that I had underestimated the time constraints of a 1st year teacher. I'm on holiday just now so there may not be much to report for the foreseeable future but comr September, I hope to be right back on that horse.

Until next time....


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